Question Period – Children in Care: Alberta Liberal Leader Raj Sherman

Question Period – Children in Care

Alberta Liberal Leader Raj Sherman

November 25, 2013

Check Against Delivery


1)      Thank you, Mr. Speaker.

Today we all read heartbreaking stories about the shocking number of children who have died while in government care.

Annual government reports gave the misleading indication that 56 children died in care between 1999 and the present.

After a four year court battle waged by the Edmonton Journal and Calgary Herald, we now know the true number:   145.

To the Premier:

Why is your government trying to cover up the deaths of children in care?


Mr. Speaker,

If the number of deaths of children in care was underreported…

… then the number of children seriously INJURED while in government care is very likely underreported as well.

To the Minister of Human Services:

Since 1999, while in the care of your government, how many children have been seriously injured?


Mr. Speaker…

It’s quite clear that this Conservative government has failed in its most basic duty to protect some of the weakest and most vulnerable members of our society, children at risk.

Only a fraction of the 145 deaths were deemed worthy of an investigation. In cases where reviews were completed, recommendations were not followed. We owe it to these children and to their families to find out exactly what went wrong.

To the Premier…Your government’s credibility is at risk:

Will you call an independent judicial inquiry into the deaths of these 145 children?





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