The ‘merit-based recruitment and selection process’ used to hire new ASC boss should be more transparent and used for all appointments says Alberta Liberal Leader Swann

Alberta Liberal Leader David Swann is pleased the NDP government has used a ‘merit-based recruitment and selection process’ to hire the new Alberta Securities Commission Chair but is curious as to what, exactly, this process entailed. The NDP government has placed prominent insiders into a variety of posts culminating in this month’s controversial appointment of labour negotiator Kevin Davediuk.

“After some very questionable appointments by this government, I’m pleased to hear they’ve used a less partisan process for this important position,” Swann said. “That said, I’m curious as to what the process actually was.”

The Alberta Securities Commission website states the Governance Committee of the Commission oversaw the process and the final decision rested with the Minister of Finance but no further details are given.

“For the public to have any confidence these positions are going to the best candidates, the government has to open up about how the selection process is run,” stated Swann. “Further, the process has to be used for all senior appointments, not just when the government feels like it.”