David Swann statement on Political Action Committees

Alberta Liberal MLA David Swann made the following statement on the floor of the Legislature today:

“Unregulated third-party fundraising and spending are corrupting Alberta’s democracy, as they have south of the border. Big and dark money is getting funnelled into leadership contests, municipal and provincial elections, and overtly partisan advertising campaigns, so much so that political action committees, or PACs, now rival mainstream political parties’ ability to raise funds, support candidates, and get their message out.

“Rules governing them are inconsistent with how other political entities are treated. In fact, Elections Alberta has raised serious concerns that PACs are now being used as a way to get around campaign finance laws.

“This government has appropriately banned corporate and union donations, but it permits a parallel unregulated system, which the NDP may be benefitting from already themselves and is making a mockery of the new rules the government recently put into place.

“If there is one system that limits contributions and requires disclosure and another that is largely free of oversight, where do we think the money is going to go?

“Integrity of our democratic processes, fairness demand that PACs come under more scrutiny and regulation. That’s why the Alberta Liberals are bringing this issue to the forefront and calling on the government to close the loopholes by supporting Bill 214.

“Alberta has the opportunity to be a national leader in democratic accountability and electoral finance reform by doing something no other jurisdiction has yet done: actually defining what a PAC is and expanding the scope of restrictions to go beyond just political advertising.

“Both the NDP and the Conservatives say that clamping down on PACs could violate the Charter right of free speech, but this has nothing to do with limiting speech or preventing third parties from participating legitimately in the democratic process. It’s about making sure that the same rules apply equally to all political players and getting money further out of politics.

“Allowing this free-for-all to continue means our democracy stays on sale to the highest bidder. Bold, all-party action is needed to get dark money out of Alberta politics.”