David Swann Statement on MLA expense disclosures

Alberta Liberal MLA for Calgary – Mountain View David Swann has released the following statement regarding his MLA expense disclosures:

“My office staff and I have conducted an audit of all of my MLA expense disclosures and we are satisfied that all expenses are appropriate.

“Fiscal responsibility starts at the top, with elected officials leading by example. Alberta Liberals respect public funds and spend them wisely, refusing to exploit loopholes to use taxpayer money for personal gain.

“On MLA expenses, it is the Alberta Liberal position that all publically-funded expenses need to be tied to public duties, must be a necessary expense for a responsible dollar amount, and be reflective of the actual costs incurred, not simply claiming the maximum allowance.

“We support the call to have the Members’ Services Committee review all MLA expenses and allowances, especially the living and travel allowances, to ensure they are all related to legitimate public business.

“Furthermore, discussion of MLA expenses does not need to be a race to the bottom. We should view these events as a call for accountability, transparency and respectful, responsible administration of Albertans’ tax dollars.

“I look forward to further dialogue and scrutiny of this important matter.”