David Swann pleased NDP is adopting Liberal proposals on improving vaccination rates in Alberta

“The changes the government has put forth in this bill mirror proposals the Alberta Liberals have made many times over recent years,” said Dr. Swann. “I’m pleased this NDP government has chosen to listen and break from the negligent policies of their predecessors.”

Bill 28 amends the Public Health Act and makes significant changes in the way immunization records are collected and updated. It also specifies that unvaccinated children will be required to remain home during certain highly contagious vaccine-preventable diseases such as measles occurs at their school.

“This is an even-handed approach to increasing immunization levels in our province,” continued Swann. “My only concern is ensuring the government provides adequate resources to properly engage and inform parents.”

A full copy of the Government Announcement can be found here: http://www.alberta.ca/release.cfm?xID=4377786926060-D054-359C-36295FC562EE5F9B