Alberta Liberal MLA David Swann releases statement on Seniors’ Week 2018

MLA Dr. Swann has released the following statement to mark Senior’s Week June 3 to 9 in Alberta.

“Seniors’ Week is a time to recognize the many and varied contributions of Alberta’s seniors. Their life experience and hard work has laid the foundations of Alberta’s past and present. Their wisdom continues to guide Alberta’s future.

“We must take the time to reach out and connect with these Albertans who add value to our communities and continue to improve our quality of life across this province.

“Alberta’s seniors deserve our respect and appreciation.

“I encourage Albertans to take time this week to reflect on the contributions of seniors and to honor seniors who have enriched the lives of all Albertans.”

Edmonton Journal: Lone Liberal MLA David Swann warns of ‘dark money’ dangers

Swann is smart, compassionate and continues to speak truth to power. If only we’d stop now and then to listen.

This week, he raised questions in the assembly about an important issue that has serious implications for our elections — and our entire democracy, come to think of it — but hasn’t been getting much attention.

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Calgary Herald: Notley says government will crack down on PACs as much as possible

In question period, Liberal MLA David Swann called on the NDP government to support his upcoming private member’s bill on third-party fundraising, which will include definitions of a political action committee (PAC), expanded restrictions on PAC activities and tighter election finance rules for the organizations.

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Lethbridge Herald: Why no response to condo owners?

In total, out of 162 requests we received only one credible response and that was from Dr. David Swann, Alberta Liberal MLA. Dr. Swann wrote to Minister McLean outlining his support of our efforts to make Alberta condominium legislation more inclusive, fair and balanced to condo owners than it is at present.

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