Edmonton Journal: Opposition fears credit rating downgrade in wake of red-ink budget

“Acting Liberal leader David Swann said he generally agrees with the government’s reasoning on why it has to run deficits, but he wants to see a clear plan on how to get back to balance. That’s something the ratings agency will also be looking for, he said.

“There’s no question we’re going to see more questions about our spending as it’s going up and up with no plan to reduce it,” said Swann.”

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Calgary Herald and Edmonton Journal Editorial Boards on the opioid crisis

 Calgary Herald: Fentanyl is a crisis

“There are some who mistakenly believe this is a crisis of Albertans’ own making — that nobody forces them to swallow the pills. As Liberal Leader David Swann, who is a medical doctor, points out, most people who become addicted to opioids start out taking them for legitimate reasons.”

Edmonton Journal: Declaring opioid crisis has merits

“Liberal interim Leader David Swann has stated that if some disease was killing Albertans at the same rate as opioids, the government would launch an immediate and overwhelming response. Swann and his opposition colleagues want a proactive plan to deal with the epidemic, more emergency care beds and better leadership.”

Media Round-Up: Opposition Parties Issue United Call for Action on Opioid Overdose Crisis

Edmonton Journal: Alberta anticipates federal funds to battle opioid crisis as opposition slams NDP response

“Liberal interim leader David Swann first called for the debate last week, saying the NDP was refusing to treat the situation with the urgency it deserves.”

CBC: Opposition parties unite to call for fentanyl public health emergency

“Swann, a former medical officer of health, said the government needs to have a plan to avoid the current piecemeal approach to the fentanyl crisis.”

CTV: Opposition parties demand action on fentanyl crisis

“There needs to be a clear plan that includes all the stakeholders involved in caring for people with addictions, mental health, homelessness and whatever other social and financial issues they are dealing with,” said David Swann, Alberta Liberal Leader.”

660 News: Alberta opposition demands extraordinary measures to fight fentanyl overdoses

““We’re not getting a handle on this,” Liberal Leader David Swann said Monday at a legislature news conference. “It this were an influenza outbreak, you would see a state of emergency called.””