Alberta Liberals React to NPD Colour Change

Alberta NDP Leader Rachel Notley is pleased to announce her party will be adding blue as an official colour to the signature NDP orange.

“The NDP have been going through a lot of changes since the Calgary Lougheed by-election in December.

“Every since we followed Jason Kenney’s lead and started making hyperbolic threats on pipelines the old orange just hasn’t felt reflected our new political values.” Notley said in a news release issued at midnight on Easter Sunday.

“The colour blue started to feel “Very Right” after our 2018 budget included a massive deficit, more corporate welfare funding and only token support for Alberta’s disadvantaged.

“Our image consultants believe the blue and orange combination will attract the support of Alberta voters, especially in rural ridings.” Notley added.

Reacting to the change, Alberta Liberal MLA David Swann stated, “Albertans are not colour-blind. This is a effort by the NDP to be Politically Correct (PC) on issues ranging from clear-cutting to wildlife protection to the EMS crisis.”

Alberta Liberal Leader David Khan commented, ”By altering their colours to blue and orange, the NDP have shown they are still honest politicians who are willing to change, not to desperately win cheap political points but to reflect their new values”

Notley also told reporters her Government will soon unveil new revenue-neutral strategies for the Carbon Tax as the NDP moves swiftly to balance the books by 2043.