Alberta Liberal MLA David Swann will speak on “Sixties Scoop” Apology

Edmonton, AB – May 28, 2018: Alberta Liberal MLA Dr. David Swann has issued the following release on his upcoming statement in the Legislature on the Sixties Scoop apology:

Swann stated, “The “Sixties Scoop” is one of the darkest chapters in modern Canadian history. Indigenous Children in alarming numbers were taken from their families, their homes and their communities. They were ripped away from the life they knew and their culture.

“I applaud this Government for taking this important symbolic step. It is important to show that we are listening. However, it is equally important to show that we are willing to take action.

“While improvements have been made, many indigenous youth in state care are still cut off from their families and culture. Our system lacks the necessary cultural support to help preserve Indigenous identity.

“67% of the youth in state care in Alberta are of indigenous descent, despite Indigenous Albertans only comprising 10% of the child population. This is no small problem. That is why I’m calling on the NDP Government to follow through on their promise to address these issues.”

Dr. Swann will speak further on the “Sixties Scoop” apology in the Legislature today.