Alberta Liberal MLA David Swann releases Statement on 14th Annual Farm Workers’ Day

Alberta Liberal MLA David Swann released the following statement to mark Alberta’s 14th annual Farm Worker’s Day:

“I am pleased to spend another Farm Worker’s Day celebrating the vital work every day of the year that puts food on our tables. This day also recognizes the fundamental rights and protections now offered to farm workers under the Enhanced Protection for Farm and Ranch Workers Act. There is still much work to do in realizing health and safety in agricultural operations and ensuring paid farmworkers are fairly treated. For too many years, I spent this day mourning those killed or injured on the job, and calling for the government to guarantee their basic rights to a healthy and safe workplace, and a guarantee of compensation for injury.

“I am therefore deeply disappointed that some politicians in Alberta are treating these rights as a political football, and threatening to repeal them. Alberta cannot afford to return to the last century of shame that they promise.”