Alberta Liberal MLA David Swann calls out UCP’s dangerous and unconstitutional rejection of farmworker’s rights

Liberal MLA David Swann has issued the following release on the UCPs dangerous stance on farm and ranch worker’s rights:

The UCP voted in favour of repealing Bill 6 – The Enhanced Protection for Farm and Ranch Workers Act – at the party’s founding convention earlier this month. This Legislation was passed in Alberta’s Legislature on December 10th, 2015.

Swann stated, “Repealing Bill 6 would violate the constitutional right to a safe workplace and compensation for injury for farm and ranch workers. It must be retained and is absolutely necessary for their safety. It also protects farm and ranch owners from lawsuit and is essential to our new international trade obligations for ethical agriculture standards. Before this important legislation farm and ranch worker employment standards were stuck in the 19th century.

“This is Alberta 2018 not Alberta 1918. We should not be turning back the clock.”

“Opposition to Bill 6 is opposition to the safety of these essential Alberta workers. It is opposition to any minimum wage for farm workers. It is opposition to restrictions on child labour. It is opposition to requiring proper safety training before doing a new task. It is opposition to WCB protections for farm workers and farm owners.

Swann stated “I stand in complete support of Bill 6 at the same time the UCP is more interested in stirring up populist furor than truly improving Albertans lives.

“I will fight the UCP who are also looking to turn back the clock to the last century on “Workers’ Rights –Women’s Rights – LGBTQ2S+ Rights.”

Swann has been a committed advocate for farm and ranch workers for over a decade.