Calgary Liberal MLA Dr. David Swann issues statement on Hidden Gems Film Festival showcasing mental health issues

Calgary’s Hidden Gems Film Festival is celebrating its 10th Anniversary with award-winning cinema from and about India. This includes films exploring mental health issues. Liberal MLA Dr. David Swann, will attend the screening of one of the films “Turtle”,  at 5:30 p.m. on Saturday May 26:

Swann stated, “This is a story about depression taken from the point of view of the man who is suffering. It’s not so much interested in the causes of depression because they are often so unique to the individual but rather looks at what people suffering from depression need such as understanding, acceptance and shelter.”

Following the film screening, Dr. Swann will talk about how depression affects people suffering with this condition and the impacts it has on their family, loved ones and friends.

Swann added, “The stigma of mental health prevents many people from openly discussing these issues and seeking treatment they need to get better and to help those around them to better cope. We have to shed light on the dark corners of mental health. We must increase and improve support for all of these people.”

The Festival runs May 25-27 and June 1-3 in the Amphitheater at the Alberta College of Art and Design.