Advocate for Persons with Disabilities should be a higher priority for government

Alberta Liberals say the government needs to make the creation of an office of the Advocate for Persons with Disabilities a higher priority.

“Ensuring a better quality of life for Albertans living with disabilities should be a far higher priority for this government,” says Alberta Liberal MLA David Swann. “The rush to create a new elections watchdog proves the NDP can push an issue when it wants to, or when it is politically expedient to do so.”

Yesterday, a committee approved a budget of $1.3 million for the office of an election commissioner, which was made possible by Bill 32 – an act that was introduced in the legislature during the final weeks of the Fall Sitting. Meanwhile, a bill to create an Advocate for Persons with Disabilities, which was passed in June, still has yet to be proclaimed.

The need for an Advocate for Persons with Disabilities was obvious following a scathing 2016 report by the Auditor General, in which he criticized the government’s management and delivery of the AISH program.

“There is a clear need for an advocate to help Albertans with disabilities navigate the system,” says Swann. “I am disappointed there hasn’t been more done to help some of the most vulnerable get the government services they deserve.”