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The Liberal Caucus serves as a strong voice for accountability, fiscal responsibility, and sound environmental management in the Legislature. In the past we have been champions of issues such as LGBTQ rights, First Nations issues, and legal protections for farm workers.

In this 29th Legislature we worked to improve Alberta’s health system with a particular focus on mental health, with Dr. David Swann co-chairing the Mental Health Review panel. We have also taken the lead in calling for urgent action on Alberta’s opioid crisis that continues to take lives on a daily basis.

We continue to call for prudent fiscal management in a struggling economy, and propose reasonable, evidence-based energy policy to the benefit of the average Albertan.

While we support a price on carbon to reduce emissions, we have had wide-ranging concerns about this NDP government’s action on climate change, and actively search for ways to create more effective, more fair, and more accountable action on this file.

Please explore this site for more information on our positions; you will also find our latest releases, videos, and upcoming events. Feel free to contact us with any questions, or sign up below to receive updates on our activities.

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