Alberta Liberals were right to vote against Bill 12

The Alberta Liberal Caucus and the Alberta Liberal Party has issued the following release in response to B.C. court action on Trans Mountain Pipeline developments:

Alberta Liberal Leader David Khan stated, “The Alberta Liberals were right to vote against Bill 12 despite our support for the pipeline. All the bill did was provoke B.C. into filing this court action today. The NDP Government has only made this sensitive political situation even worse and Alberta is no closer to getting the Trans Mountain Expansion Pipeline built.

Khan added, “ The B.C. Government is giving the Premier a hard lesson on how to play pipeline politics. The Legislation has not been proclaimed, the regulations are not in place and Premier Notley won’t give a straight answer on when, or under what conditions she will use this Legislation..

Liberal MLA Dr David Swann stated, “I stood alone as the only MLA to vote against Bill 12 , the Preserving Canada’s Economic Prosperity Act in the Alberta Legislature. Clearly it was the right decision. This Legislation may push gasoline prices to $2 a litre in B.C.but it will come at a painful price to this province. Bill 12 will cost Albertans jobs, reduce revenue and further damage our economy.”

“Instead of skipping out on the Premier’s conference in Yellowknife, the Premier should have attended and worked with BC Premier Horgan and other Premiers to resolve the problems holding back construction of the Trans Mountain Pipeline.”

Khan stated, “Alberta’s political brinkmanship may look tough but it will not get the Trans Mountain Expansion project built.”’

‘It’s time Premier Notley stopped threatening B.C. That strategy is not working.”

David Khan and David Swann are available for interviews.

Statement on World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development

Since 2003 World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development has been celebrated by UN members across the globe. Cultural diversity helps promote economic growth and improved intellectual, emotional, moral and spiritual lives.

Canada is a proudly multicultural nation that celebrates diversity but there is more we can all do. It is imperative we reflect on ways to improve dialogues and promote not just greater acceptance but greater understanding of the broader benefits of cultural diversity.

Diversity is a core Liberal value and we will continue to promote values and policy that reflect it’s immense social value.

Alberta Liberal MLA David Swann and Alberta Liberal Leader David Khan oppose Bill 12 calling it a bad strategy that will hurt Albertans and not move forward the Trans Mountain Pipeline

Edmonton, AB – May 16, 2018Alberta Liberal MLA David Swann will vote against Bill 12 Preserving Canada’s Economic Prosperity Act. 

Both MLA Swann and Alberta Liberal Leader David Khan have voiced criticism of Bill 12 previously calling it a plan that will hurt Albertans and not move the Trans Mountain Pipeline project forward.

Swann stated, “Restricting our exports is simply a bad strategy. It will cost Albertan’s jobs. It will reduce Alberta revenue. It will hurt Alberta’s Oil Patch. It will damage Alberta’s credibility. It will strain Alberta’s relations with the rest of Canada.

“This will do nothing to get the Trans Mountain Pipeline built.

“Bill 12 grants the NDP Government far too much power. Alberta’s Energy Minister will have unrestrained authority and there is no proper appeal process to challenge her decisions. This is not democratic.”

Khan stated, “Turning off the energy taps will not turn on approval for the Trans Mountain Pipeline.”

“Pushing gas prices up to $2 liter in B.C. will not get a shovel in the ground for the Trans Mountain Pipeline. Punishing British Columbians risks a backlash against Albertans.

“The NDP can’t build up the case for this project by tearing down the rest of Canada.”

Khan stated, “I stood against this strategy in March and I stand against it now. Albertans need more from their Premier than a desperate strategy that cuts off our nose to spite our face.”

Liberal MLA David Swann will vote against Bill 12 in the Alberta Legislature

Alberta Liberals say Federal Government’s Trans Mountain Pipeline blank cheque is a bad plan

Alberta Liberal Leader David Khan and Liberal MLA David Swann have issued the following release on the Federal Finance Minister’s announcement the Federal Government would cover any losses an owner of the Trans Mountain Pipeline project may suffer because of political opposition from the B.C. government:

Khan stated, “The Alberta Liberals are opposed to a blank cheque. I support this pipeline but we need limits when tax payers’ dollars are involved. How much money could be lost? Government should not be backstopping private investors without any numbers. Billions of dollars could be at stake.

“The Minister also must clarify if this financial insurance extends beyond private investors and to the NDP Government of Alberta. The NDP have suggested they would consider buying the pipeline outright. Does that mean one Government is backstopping another Government with public dollars? One blank cheque following another blank cheque.”

Swann added, “Alberta taxpayers need to be protected. The Federal and Provincial Governments must ensure any public money spent is a good deal for Albertans. It can’t just be a good deal for politicians.”

Alberta Liberal MLA David Swann Releases Statement on Ramadan

Alberta Liberal MLA David Swann has released the following statement on Ramadan:

Today marks the beginning of Ramadan, a time when Muslims across the world commemorate the first revelation of the Quran.

This holiday is one of the five pillars of Islam and is a time of spiritual replenishment for those of the Muslim faith.

I am wishing Muslims across Alberta and across the world a blessed Ramadan. As a proudly multicultural province we are proud of your contributions to our nation.

Alberta Liberal MLA David Swann calls out UCP’s dangerous and unconstitutional rejection of farmworker’s rights

Liberal MLA David Swann has issued the following release on the UCPs dangerous stance on farm and ranch worker’s rights:

The UCP voted in favour of repealing Bill 6 – The Enhanced Protection for Farm and Ranch Workers Act – at the party’s founding convention earlier this month. This Legislation was passed in Alberta’s Legislature on December 10th, 2015.

Swann stated, “Repealing Bill 6 would violate the constitutional right to a safe workplace and compensation for injury for farm and ranch workers. It must be retained and is absolutely necessary for their safety. It also protects farm and ranch owners from lawsuit and is essential to our new international trade obligations for ethical agriculture standards. Before this important legislation farm and ranch worker employment standards were stuck in the 19th century.

“This is Alberta 2018 not Alberta 1918. We should not be turning back the clock.”

“Opposition to Bill 6 is opposition to the safety of these essential Alberta workers. It is opposition to any minimum wage for farm workers. It is opposition to restrictions on child labour. It is opposition to requiring proper safety training before doing a new task. It is opposition to WCB protections for farm workers and farm owners.

Swann stated “I stand in complete support of Bill 6 at the same time the UCP is more interested in stirring up populist furor than truly improving Albertans lives.

“I will fight the UCP who are also looking to turn back the clock to the last century on “Workers’ Rights –Women’s Rights – LGBTQ2S+ Rights.”

Swann has been a committed advocate for farm and ranch workers for over a decade.

Alberta Liberal MLA Dr. David Swann will speak at “Caregivers Crash the Legislature” rally today

Liberal MLA Dr. David Swann will be speaking at the “Caregivers Crash the Legislature” rally:


11:00 am

Front Steps

Alberta Legislature


The rally will bring together caregivers who have been negatively impacted by Family Support for Children with Disabilities (FSCD)’s “parent training model” for children. It will also address concerns that some contracted providers are not actually providing the services paid for.

Swann stated, “The “parent training model” is putting extra strain on caregivers, and in some cases, being used as an inadequate substitute to providing families with the professional services they need to care for child with a disability.

“There are also reported incidents of FSCD contractors not providing the services paid for. I will be calling on the Auditor General to look into these incidents.”

“I am proud to support the efforts of this group. It is incredible that they have been able to band together to draw attention to this important issue. These are ordinary Albertans in need of better services from this Government.”

The rally has been organized by Jenn Thompson, a concerned mother who learned of the challenges being faced by families across the province from her own experience as the mother of a 5 year old son with autism.


Dr. Swann is be available for interview at the rally, by phone, by Skype or at the “INS” in the Legislature at 1:15 pm.

Liberal MLA Dr. David Swann demanding answers on NDP secret relationship with the Big Tobacco Lobby

Alberta Liberal MLA Dr. David Swann is asking tough questions on the NDP Government’s closed door relationship with the Big Tobacco Lobby.

Dr. Swann stated, “I’m concerned the NDP Government is welcoming tobacco lobbyists to back door meetings despite Alberta’s commitment to stop these secret discussions.”

‘’It’s time the NDP Government comes clean and tells Albertans.”

Dr. Swann is demanding to know if the NDP Government is honouring its commitment to the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC). The FCTC forbids meetings behind closed doors with tobacco lobbyists. Canada and its regional governments including Alberta are FCTC signatories.

“The NDP Government also continues to delay implementation of the Tobacco and Smoking Reduction Act.  It would only take a single cabinet meeting to implement this important piece of legislation. What is the NDP waiting for?”

“Albertans deserve to know if the delay in implementing the legislation is related to these lobbying efforts.”

“This raises questions about the NDP commitment to transparency on this issue.”

“Reducing tobacco use lowers both death rates and health care costs for all Albertans.”

Alberta Liberals are demanding the NDP Government start taking the health of all Albertans more seriously.

Alberta Liberal Leader David Khan and MLA David Swann call UCP Convention step backward for Albertans

Alberta Liberal Leader David Khan and MLA David Swann are calling the UCP’s founding convention and policies a step backward for Albertans:

Khan stated, “I am disturbed by the policies passed threatening GSAs and the ability for youth to get access to important medical procedures coming out of the UCP convention this weekend.

“Alberta Liberals fought hard for the implementation of GSAs in the Fall of 2014 with MLA Laurie Blakeman pushing Bill 10.”

MLA David Swann added, “We were the first party to introduce to create and protect GSAs and we’ll keep fighting to protect a student’s right to access them.

Khan and Swann say “We find the policy supporting a requirement for parental consent for medical procedures offensive.

“A minor should not be denied access because of their parent’s beliefs.

“It should be the child’s decision to make.”

Khan concluded, “I fought against Jason Kenney in the Calgary-Lougheed by-election despite the odds because this is 2018 and his agenda takes us back to 1978.

“Alberta Liberals have the bold forward-thinking policies to give Albertans a better tomorrow.”

Khan and Swann are available for interview by phone or Skype. Dr. Swann is also available for interview at the “INS” in the Legislature at 1:15 pm.

Liberal MLA David Swann and Liberal Leader David Khan release statement on Mental Health Week

Alberta Liberal MLA David Swann and Alberta Liberal Leader David Khan have released the following joint statement on Mental Health week:

“We are lending our voices to Mental Health Awareness Week with thousands of Albertans in the “Get Loud” campaign. “Getting Loud” means normalizing Mental Health and addiction issues. We should deal with these issues as we would any other medical condition. Stigma around Mental Health impairs people’s ability to openly and honestly talk about these issues. It also hampers them seeking needed treatment and solutions.

Albertans around the province are working to end stigma. We are fighting for better Mental Health policies. That includes new emphasis on peer support and counseling for mental distress and addictions.

The NDP Government spends less than 5% of Alberta’s Health budget on Mental Health. Alberta Liberals believe more should be done. We believe addressing long waitlists for children and youth is a priority.

Investing in preventative medicine like mental health will not only help Albertans but save our health care system and society money in the long run as well.

“Get Loud” for ourselves, our families, and our friends.