Liberal MLA David Swann and Liberal Leader David Khan says EMS Union (HSAA) data shows systemic crisis

Liberal MLA David Swann says, “The NDP Government should immediately boost frontline resources for EMS across Alberta.”

“AHS statistics show EMS events are up almost 19% over 5 years but there has been only a 2.9% increase in new ambulances and 3.4% increase in new full-time equivalent paramedics.”

“EMS is struggling to meet day-to-day demands of Albertans and the situation is escalating.”

“The opioid crisis is only making the crisis worse and lives are at stake.”

“When ambulances cannot reach patients in a timely fashion the safety of those patients is put at risk.”

Liberal Leader David Khan says, “There are more than 63,000 extra EMS calls over the past 5 years and EMS is stretched to the limits to handle the needs of over 500,000 new Albertans.”

“The NDP Government must not only provide additional resources but improve the efficiency of the system with paramedics spending 650,000 hours per year in ER awaiting patient transfers to nursing staff.”

David Swann is available for interviews at 1:15 pm on the “INS” at the Alberta Legislature. He is also available by phone or Skype.

David Khan is available for interview by phone or Skype.


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Liberal MLA David Swann demands NDP Government deal with EMS Red Alerts

Today in question period Dr. David Swann is revealing startling numbers on EMS wait times linked to the Red Alerts Crisis.

“The latest AHS data indicates EMS staff wait a median time of 1 hour when transferring a patient in ER to the attending nurses – equivalent to just over $20 million dollars a year in lost time.”

“Paramedics spend more than 650,000 hours in ER awaiting patient transfer to nursing staff.”

Dr. Swann is calling upon the NDP government to reduce the transfer times in ER to reduce the number of Red Alerts, to ensure patient safety and decrease stress levels for beleaguered paramedics across the province.

“AHS has not made progress on this issue for over 5 years. AHS is failing Albertans.”

Alberta Government has not learned its lesson from BSE (mad cow disease)

Alberta Liberal MLA David Swann issues the following release on Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD).

“CWD is a fatal and incurable (prion) animal disease comparable to BSE (mad cow disease) in its potential to kill humans as well as severely damage our agricultural economy for decades.

UBS prion scientist Dr Neil Cashman said last month “We appear to be waiting till CWD is found in humans” before we take serious action on control and elimination of this incurable and fatal disease

”This BSE-related, decades-old prion disease travels from bodily fluids across the deer family. It is currently spreading across western Canada in the wild after originating on game farms. Studies have shown that it is transferable to monkeys who eat infected deer and elk meat. Much like CWD’s sister disease BSE, a variant disease could become transferable to humans and threaten lives. This should spur both federal and provincial governments to follow rigorous science-based control measures.

“Mad cow disease cost Alberta $10 billion in lost markets and over 200 lives. By not taking concerted action with the federal government Alberta’s NDP Government is putting our wildlife, hunters (including indigenous communities who rely on wild game), the agricultural industry (with potential boycotts) and potentially Albertans at risk.


It’s time for the NDP Government to follow through to keep Albertans safe. Have they not learned from the BSE crisis?”

MLA David Swann praises progress and calls for more action during Canadian Agricultural Safety Week

Edmonton, AB – March 14th, 2018: Alberta Liberal MLA David Swann made the following statement on Canadian Agricultural Safety Week:

“Canadian Agricultural Safety Week is a time of tremendous importance for Alberta and a special time for me, as well. For years, I pushed successive conservative governments to protect the basic rights of farm workers and bring Alberta’s standards in line with the rest of Canada.

“Despite serious errors in communication by the NDP Government, I was proud to support the protection and benefits the Enhanced Protection for Farm and Ranch Workers Act provides. This bill was a boon to both farm worker’s rights and access to markets for our agricultural products.

“While it is shameful Alberta took so long to provide farmworkers with the protections that are their fundamental right, we can be proud of the progress we have made. However, we cannot grow complacent and forget that there is still work to be done.

“While farmers and ranchers have received significant resources to help them adapt to Alberta’s improved legislation, many of the workers on the farms and ranches seem to have been left out of the equation.

“For this Canadian Agricultural Week I’m calling on this government to continue the progress they have made and make further efforts to support and assist farm and ranch workers in this transition to their new workplace standards.”

Alberta Liberal Leader David Khan echoes Swann’s comments calling for the NDP Government to take action.

“As a lawyer and strong supporter of human rights I am passionate about the needs to protect Alberta farm workers.”

“The NDP Government has left these people in limbo for more than 2 years after approving the legislation in 2015 and now should move quickly to finally address their concerns”

“Farm workers deserve fair and equal treatment and should have the same benefits as other Alberta workers.”

Liberal MLA David Swann says Albertans short changed by NDP Govt rejection of his public accountability amendment to pipeline motion

Edmonton, AB – March 14th, 2018: Alberta Liberal MLA David Swann says the NDP Government is losing credibility with Albertans and Canadians by rejecting my amendment calling for more transparent annual reporting on both the benefits AND the risks of increasing bitumen flows in Government’s Trans Mountain Pipeline expansion motion.
“It’s shameful that the NDP Government is refusing to discuss Albertans’ concerns
about both the environmental costs and financial liabilities of our oil sands industry.”

“What is the NDP Government hiding from citizens now and from future generations?’’

“There is a price to pay for increasing bitumen production to feed into the Trans Mountain pipeline and Albertans deserve to know the real environmental cost of increasing GHG emissions and the potential public cleanup bill for tailings ponds estimated at least $20 billion.”

“My amendment would have forced the Government to report annually on Alberta’s oil sands region through a transparent, full cost accounting framework.”

“The NDP Government has to do better and I will continue to demand answers and hold them to account on behalf of all Albertans.”

Liberal MLA David Swann proposes environmental accountability amendment to pipeline motion

Alberta Liberal MLA David Swann is requesting to propose an environmental accountability amendment to the Government’s motion asking the Legislative Assembly to reaffirm its support for the Trans Mountain Pipeline expansion:

Speaking on the amendment Swann stated, “Albertans expect us to hold this government to account on their environmental promises. Many Albertans want to see the Trans Mountain Pipeline expansion, however they are concerned about both the environmental costs and financial liabilities of our oil sands industry.”

Swann’s motion would be calling on the Legislative Assembly to address public concerns and bolster public confidence in bitumen production and pipeline transport by committing to report annually on Alberta’s oil sands region through a transparent, full cost accounting framework.

The full cost accounting framework would include both reclamation liabilities and greenhouse gas emissions.

Alberta Liberal Leader David Khan commented, “By committing to transparent reporting the Legislative Assembly could ease concerns and improve accountability. I am confident this would increase support for the pipeline project both at home and abroad.

“We must be willing to be honest about all environmental and reclamation costs associated with our oil sands for the good of the industry, the people of Alberta, and our environment.”

Swann will be available to media for questions at 1:15 in the rotunda of the Legislature before questions period.

David Swann to present petition urging Government to lift restrictions on rehabilitation of bears, other large wildlife

Dr. David Swann will present a petition signed by 3,234 Albertans urging the government to reassess protocols restricting rehabilitation of large wildlife:

Dr. David Swann and thousands of Albertans are calling upon the Minister of Environment and Parks to reassess, update, and complete written protocols for all species on which restrictions on rehabilitation or fostering are placed.

On the merits of the petition Swann stated, “We have a moral responsibility to help ensure the health of species in our ecosystem. Restricting rehabilitation permits prevents injured and orphaned animals from receiving the assistance and rehabilitation they need.”

If the government were to follow the advice of the petition it would allow wildlife specialists to intervene and provide medical assistance for large animals like bears, such as Russell the injured black bear south of Calgary.

Dr. Swann, along with petition organizers Lisa Dahlseide and Laurel Ambrose, will be available to media to take questions at 1:15 pm in the rotunda of the Alberta Legislature before question period.

Lisa Dahlseide is a wildlife biologist advocating for wildlife rehabilitation and for science to be reflected in wildlife management and policy. Laurel Ambrose is a member of Russell’s Private Advocacy Group (R-PAG), which spearheads wildlife rehabilitation advocacy initiatives.

Alberta Liberal Leader David Khan and Alberta Liberal MLA David Swann set out priorities for the 2018 spring legislative session

Alberta Liberal Leader David Khan and Alberta Liberal MLA David Swann set the following issues as Liberal priorities:

Pay Equity

Alberta remains the only province without Equal Pay for Equal Work legislation. On International Women’s Day the NDP Government should be ashamed of that record. Alberta has the highest gender wage gap in Canada. Canada has the third highest gap among OECD countries.

“The Alberta Liberals are demanding proactive pay equity legislation and stronger enforcement of the Alberta Human Rights Act.”


 “Alberta Liberals support the twinning of the existing Trans Mountain Pipeline. We understand how important this project is to job creation and the economy in Alberta, and developing new markets for our oil & gas products. However, we must make a clear transition away from reliance on fossil fuels, especially heavy oil.”

Job Loss

 “Alberta families are still suffering from an economic recession and the recovery has been meager at best. Consumer and investor confidence are down. We’ve lost thousands of oil and gas jobs we will never get back and the jobs we are creating are lower paying.

“The only response the NDP government has offered us is a $9 billion dollar deficit and doubling down with public money on the volatile oil and gas industry. They aren’t rebuilding our economy and they are certainly not building a sustainable one.

“Alberta Liberals will push for tax reforms to encourage private investment and job creation. We will also call for carbon tax revenue to be used to develop technology that will make the oil and gas industry more environmentally sustainable.”

Opioid Crisis

“The opioid crisis continues to plague Albertans. There have been massive drug busts by police both in Edmonton and Calgary in the past month. Alberta Liberals will be demanding increased resources for law enforcement to reduce supply of dangerous drugs like fentanyl.

“We will also continue to advocate for greater access to safe consumption clinics to combat overdoses and fatalities. Our priority is to improve access to safe consumption sites, including in First Nation communities and reserves.”

Disability Advocate

There is still no disability advocate 10 months after the NDP approved the position. The Alberta Liberal Caucus continues to deal with heartbreaking stories from vulnerable Albertans unable to get the care and assistance they need.  We will demand the immediate appointment of an advocate and adequate funding to improve this situation.”

Electoral Reform

“The Premier committed to a provincial election in 2019. Alberta Liberals will be pushing the Government to improve diversity among MLAs by reforming our electoral system. We will ensure the government is consulting Albertans on electoral reform.”


Statement on NDP bulldozing ahead with clearcutting in Kananaskis Country

Alberta Liberal MLA David Swann has released the following statement on the NDP decision to bulldoze ahead with clearcutting of Kananaskis Country:

“The NDP’s decision bulldoze ahead with clearcutting of vast swaths of trees in the Kananaskis Country and Highwood Pass is unacceptable and disrespectful to those affected.

“The residents and local governments of Black Diamond, High River, Okotoks and Turner Valley, along with environmental groups and recreational visitors to the area, have all voiced their opposition to this decision, but the NDP have turned a deaf ear.

“With this unilateral decision, the NDP continue the flawed environmental policies of the previous conservative government, and have chosen to heed the desire of out-of-province companies over the wishes of Albertans.

“Environmental leadership must go beyond coal, carbon, and lightbulbs. It must also entail protecting and preserving our forests, waters, and wildlife.

“Clearcutting in these areas poses an enormous threat to already endangered local wildlife, the headwaters, which are the lifeblood of southern Alberta, and increase the risk of flooding in the region.

“It is still not too late to do the right thing to prevent this devastation. We must stop the clearcutting of Kananaskis!”