David Swann statement on the Standing Committee’s discussion of PACs

Alberta Liberal MLA David Swann released the following statement regarding last night’s meeting of the Standing Committee on Legislative Offices with Chief Electoral Officer Glen Resler:

“I thank the Chief Electoral Officer for sharing his concerns with us regarding third parties and Political Action Committees (PACs) in Alberta.

“I was particularly interested in Mr. Resler’s comments on the exemption of the non-commercial transmission of political views on the Internet in the definition of ‘political advertising.’ In his words: ‘You can have a corporation spending several hundred thousand dollars on a lavish campaign on the Internet and they’d be exempt from reporting.’ Given the increased prominence of the internet in elections today, this is a sizable loophole.

“It is clear that, by failing to address the lack of regulations surrounding PACs in its first attempt at electoral finance reform, the NDP intentionally or unintentionally left the back door wide open for dark money to subvert our democracy. Therefore, it is incumbent on them to help close it as quickly as possible.

“I was also heartened to hear Mr. Resler’s comments echoed those of Alberta Liberals, who have been the strongest – and only – voice warning of the dangers of dark money influencing our elections since our Leader David Khan first raised the issue this past June.

“Building upon the leadership he has shown, I am proud to sponsor Bill 214, which is the first and only attempt in Canada to define what a PAC is, expand election finance restriction beyond advertising, and make them subject to the same rules as everyone else.

“Finally, I share the concerns that some UCP Members raised in the committee about the NDP’s sudden interest in this issue just prior to the by-election in Calgary-Lougheed, but for completely different reasons.

“If it follows the same pattern as the municipal election in Calgary, we may soon witness the massive, devastating impact that wealthy, unaccountable and unregistered PACs such as the Alberta Advantage Fund, Progress Alberta, and Alberta Together, all of which have been allegedly linked to the UCP, NDP, and Alberta Party, can have on a provincial election campaign.

“That is why I am calling on all Members of the Legislative Assembly to take action as soon as possible to limit these effects by unanimously supporting my bill before more damage is done to our democracy.”

Swann to question Chief Electoral Officer on PACs

Alberta Liberal MLA David Swann will attend tonight’s Standing Committee on Legislative Offices to review the 2016-17 Report of the Chief Electoral Officer and ask about Political Action Committees (PACs).

“I share the concerns of the Chief Electoral Officer about the potential for money to be funnelled through PACs to avoid spending limits and create an uneven playing field,” says Swann. “As the officer charged with safeguarding our democracy, Mr. Resler is an invaluable resource in determining how we can limit the ability of these groups to circumvent the rules and manipulate our elections.”

Since Liberal Leader David Khan first raised the issue in June 2017, the Alberta Liberals have been the only voice calling for action on PACs.

“We need to shine a light on the unregulated dark money that is corrupting our democracy,” says Khan. “Albertans deserve to know who has donated and who is donating to PACs, how much they are donating, and where this money is going afterwards. It’s the only way they can be confident that big money is not buying and selling our democracy.”

Swann will also be seeking input from the Chief Electoral Officer on some aspects he plans to incorporate into his Bill 214, such as: defining what a PAC is, expand restrictions on third-party activities beyond the limited category of advertising, and subjecting PACs to the same election finance rules as every other corporation, union, and individual.

The Standing Committee on Legislative Offices will meet from 6:30 to 8:30 PM in the Rocky Mountain Room, 2nd floor of the Edmonton Federal Building.

A backgrounder on Political Action Committees can be found here.

NDP must step up for public fertility services

Alberta Liberal MLA David Swann has released the following statement on the cutting of services at the Edmonton Regional Fertility and Women’s Endocrine Clinic at the Royal Alexandra Hospital:

“Yesterday, I was immediately concerned when we were contacted by email with concerns about potential service cuts at the Edmonton Regional Fertility and Women’s Endocrine Clinic at the Royal Alexandra Hospital. Later that evening, a document surfaced on Twitter appearing to confirm this rumour.

“Today, I join with affected patients and the Friends of Medicare in expressing my disappointment with this decision. And, while I appreciate this maintains support for existing public programs, I am calling on Minister of Health Sarah Hoffman to step up for public health care and bolster public fertility services.

“According to the federal government, roughly 16 per cent, or 1 in 6, of couples in Canada experience infertility. This number has doubled since the 1980s. In Alberta, the cost associated with fertility treatments are completely borne by patients.

“That is why, prior to the 2015 provincial election, Alberta Liberals identified infertility funding as a major policy priority and recognized that funding of fertility treatments such as Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) and In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) was necessary to ensure families who require treatment have reasonable and fair access to treatment.

“The NDP must do more to help Albertans facing infertility in the public health care system, instead of offloading them onto the private sector.”

David Swann statement on Political Action Committees

Alberta Liberal MLA David Swann made the following statement on the floor of the Legislature today:

“Unregulated third-party fundraising and spending are corrupting Alberta’s democracy, as they have south of the border. Big and dark money is getting funnelled into leadership contests, municipal and provincial elections, and overtly partisan advertising campaigns, so much so that political action committees, or PACs, now rival mainstream political parties’ ability to raise funds, support candidates, and get their message out.

“Rules governing them are inconsistent with how other political entities are treated. In fact, Elections Alberta has raised serious concerns that PACs are now being used as a way to get around campaign finance laws.

“This government has appropriately banned corporate and union donations, but it permits a parallel unregulated system, which the NDP may be benefitting from already themselves and is making a mockery of the new rules the government recently put into place.

“If there is one system that limits contributions and requires disclosure and another that is largely free of oversight, where do we think the money is going to go?

“Integrity of our democratic processes, fairness demand that PACs come under more scrutiny and regulation. That’s why the Alberta Liberals are bringing this issue to the forefront and calling on the government to close the loopholes by supporting Bill 214.

“Alberta has the opportunity to be a national leader in democratic accountability and electoral finance reform by doing something no other jurisdiction has yet done: actually defining what a PAC is and expanding the scope of restrictions to go beyond just political advertising.

“Both the NDP and the Conservatives say that clamping down on PACs could violate the Charter right of free speech, but this has nothing to do with limiting speech or preventing third parties from participating legitimately in the democratic process. It’s about making sure that the same rules apply equally to all political players and getting money further out of politics.

“Allowing this free-for-all to continue means our democracy stays on sale to the highest bidder. Bold, all-party action is needed to get dark money out of Alberta politics.”

David Swann statement on Project Red Ribbon

Alberta Liberal MLA David Swann released the following statement on Project Red Ribbon:

“Project Red Ribbon was launched thirty years ago to raise awareness about the risks and consequences of impaired driving. The campaign was timed to coincide with the beginning of the holiday season, when plentiful parties and celebrations dramatically raise the risk of deaths and injuries that are all the more tragic for being so, so preventable.

“This thirtieth anniversary takes on special significance when we consider that we are on the verge of a major change in law: the upcoming legalization of cannabis, a drug that poses a new danger to those on the road. As cannabis becomes readily available, Albertans must know that driving while high is not consequence-free, and an accident while impaired can be just as deadly whether the driver is under the effects of alcohol, cannabis, or both together.

“Ultimately the Red Ribbon campaign reminds us that the most effective way to reduce tragedies from impaired driving is through urging those around us to take personal responsibility for their decisions. As we all know, “friends don’t let friends drive drunk.”

“We wear red ribbons to remind ourselves and others that choosing to drive impaired is choosing to put lives at risk. I join with my colleagues in the Legislature in wearing a red ribbon, to commit to driving sober and call on others to do the same.”

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This week, he raised questions in the assembly about an important issue that has serious implications for our elections — and our entire democracy, come to think of it — but hasn’t been getting much attention.

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