Statement from David Swann on Pink Shirt Day

Alberta Liberal Leader David Swann released the following statement in support of Pink Shirt Day:

“I am proud to wear a pink shirt in solidarity with victims of bullying. Bullying happens every day in schools, workplaces, and online, and, today, we make a statement that such behaviour is unacceptable in our society.

“While awareness campaigns such as Pink Shirt Day are powerful reminders that victims of bullying are not alone, we must continue to stand against harassment every day, and speak out against abusive behaviour when we see it.

“Thank you for showing your support today and working together to create a safer, more inclusive and accepting future.”

David Swann statement on Family Day

Alberta Liberal Leader David Swann released the following statement for Family Day:

“Today we take the time to refocus on our families. Family is our most important support network and the building block of our communities. Like many Albertans, I always look forward to having this long weekend to spend with my wife, children, and grandchildren.

“On behalf of the Alberta Liberals – but more importantly, from my family to yours – I wish you all a happy and loving Family Day.”

Increased funding for Metta Clinic necessary to support transgender youth

Alberta Liberal Leader Dr. David Swann is urging Health Minister Sarah Hoffman to support transgender and gender diverse youth by increasing funding to the Metta Clinic.

The Metta Clinic at the Alberta Children’s Hospital in Calgary is one of the only resources available for transgender youth in Alberta. The clinic only receives enough funding to operate for one day a month, adding up to a meagre two weeks per year.

The growing demand for the clinic’s services has resulted in wait times for access to care of almost three years, during which time, these youth are at risk of severe mental health challenges, suicidal and self-harming behaviours, and threats of harassment and abuse.

“These wait times are simply unacceptable,” says Swann. “The kind of support that the Metta Clinic provides is exactly what these youth need at such a critical time in their physical, mental and social development.”

“I look forward to a promise of increased funding for this important work in the upcoming provincial budget.”

Alberta Liberals are proud supporters of the LGBTQ community, recently championing the issue of making gay-straight alliances (GSAs) mandatory in schools where students request them.

Swann is now calling on the NDP government to take the next step in improving the lives of Alberta’s transgender and gender diverse youth by increasing funding for this important dedicated clinical support.

Calgary Herald: Let David Swann lead Alberta’s fentanyl fight

The premier should immediately draft Calgary MLA David Swann to fill the vacant health minister seat in provincial cabinet.

Oh, you hadn’t heard we had such a vacancy? Well, we certainly seem to, given that the deadliest public health disaster this province has faced in living memory is being left in the hands of the department’s junior minister.

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David Swann statement on Sexual and Reproductive Health Awareness Day

David Swann released the following statement to mark Sexual and Reproductive Health Awareness Day:

“Our sexual health is something that we don’t like to discuss, yet is an important part of our overall well-being. Healthy sexual attitudes through open discussion and greater understanding of sexual consent at earlier ages are critically needed.

Safe sex practices are very much needed to prevent unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections and there is no shame in seeking out medical treatment.

“We need more open attitudes to healthy sexuality in our province, but the first step comes from reducing the stigma.”