Alberta Liberal Leader David Swann repeats call for merit-based appointments following dismissal of AFSC Board

Alberta Liberal Leader David Swann repeated his call for an independent merit-based process for appointments to Alberta’s Agencies, Boards, and Commissions (ABCs) after the Agriculture and Forestry Minister’s announcement yesterday.

Minister Oneil Carlier dismissed the Board of the Agricultural Financial Services Corporation (AFSC) and suspended three of its executives for financial impropriety. While employed by the AFSC, the executives received meals, alcohol, golf games, and entertainment from a brokerage company working a contract for their company, in clear contravention of the rules by which public agencies are expected to abide.

David Swann and the Alberta Liberals have long called for an end to the practice of using ABC appointments as political favours, recommending either an arm’s-length independent committee or a non-partisan, transparent process to avoid cronyism and corruption.

“This is a perfect opportunity for this government to start fresh on ABC appointments,” said David Swann. “Abuses of power such as we saw yesterday are all but certain to continue until we can select our ABC members based on their own merits, and not their relationship with the party in power.”